How Locals Prepare and Celebrate Wins in Cricket Matches

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Just like the proverbial saying, when you go to Rome, do what the Romans do. Well, this time, it’s doing what the Indians love doing which is, cricket! Without a doubt, cricket is a global sport but the most popular and favorite in India.

During my stay in India, I figured that the easiest way to start a conversation with the locals was to ask or comment on a cricket match. Of course, I had to do my search online on the most popular games and not find myself lost in the discussion. Besides, it was time to learn and enjoy a new sport.

How was I going to join the bandwagon of cricket lovers? Well, the perfect thing is that there was an upcoming match, and I had a few friends who were willing to assist with the process.

This is what we did;

Preparing For the Cricket Match

For starters, a cricket match day is a much anticipated day among many Indians, whether at work, home, or away.

Plan Your Significant Other

We all love our partners and would do anything to spend quality time with them. However, a cricket match day required us to make plans for the wives to be away from home without us. Well, it won’t hurt to move the date night to another day.

I had to plan with my spouse to treat her girls for the day as I invited my friend for the long-awaited match.

Stock Up

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My friend mentioned coming with few friends for more company; the more, the merrier. With more people in the house to enjoy a favorite match, I knew I had to get beers and necessary things for a grill day outside. Besides, games and grilling go hand-in-hand! Better still, I had to clear out some space in the fridge to make room to hold several cans of beer.

Get a Jersey

What’s the best way to show my loyalty and love for my new and favorite game for entire India? I asked my friend to show me where to get a nice jersey to wear on match day. I knew I had to get a jersey of the best cricket team globally, which is the India National Cricket Team. Still, I had my name printed on the blue jersey as a way to personalize and have a sense of belonging.

Batteries in the Remote

It hit me that I don’t remember the last time I changed the batteries of my remote. There’s nothing as annoying as having a remote stop working in the middle of a match whether or not you have company in the house. Therefore, I got about two pairs of the best batteries for the remote to avoid disappointments. I replaced the old batteries with a new pair to be all set for the day.

Rearranging the Living Room

Because I was expecting the company of several people, I had to rearrange the living room to allow more space. It is impossible to watch a match seated throughout the entire game; therefore, I ensured enough space for people to move around and floor pillows in strategic places.

 I distributed the floor pillows to allow my friends to sit comfortably in any other position in case tension build and one felt the need to relocate to another spot. Also, I established the best place for the TV without anyone obstructing the other viewer.

First-Aid Kit

No, there was no fight or severe injuries; however, any place with several people altogether requires a first-aid kit. Still, there were minor injuries that needed special attention, for instance;

  • All the screaming and shouting at the teams as they scored each other made others have sore throats. So some throat lozenges came in handy to relieve the aftermath pain.
  • Some people experienced minor knee injuries from the intense jumping and running around when their teams scored and won. A tube of knee pain relieving cream and bandages helped hold the knees in place without discomfort.
  • Of course, having our eyes stuck on TV throughout, even without blinking, causing dry eyes. Eye drops in the first-aid kit relieved the dryness, ensuring the eyes did not hurt or discolor.

Phone Settings

Learning a new sport did not need any interference, especially from the phone calls and messages from work and loved ones. I knew I had to have all my attention and mood fixated on the game and friends; therefore, I installed the ‘no disturb’ setting. This setting ensured all my calls and messages were on hold without alerting or disturbing my attention.

Place a bet on the Match

This was a local tip from some of our friends who had been in India for quite some time. Placing a bet on the outcome of the match would intensify the experience of watching the match. We were hosting supporters of both teams on match day, so the trash talk was intensified by having placed bets on their respective teams. I placed my bet on the Mumbai Indians on a reputable Indian online cricket exchange, recommended by some of our friends.

Plan a Bar Schedule

Photo of People Doing Cheers

What’s a better way to celebrate a much-anticipated win of your favorite team with friends? A celebration at the bar with friends was the ideal plan for the night. We met with other fans at the bar celebrating the same win, making the night more exciting and fulfilling. Besides, the best sports bar of the season had offers on a variety of drinks.

Well, we had to get a designated driver back to our homes when the celebration came to an end.

I enjoyed watching the new sport with my new friends. Am doing this again!